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“To meet the energy challenge requires the most important energy of all–human creativity. That’s the real prize.” — Daniel Yergin

Blogging is becoming more popular by the day. I feel like almost everyone I know has a blog, whether it is personal or for a class or specifically geared towards a professional interest. And those people who don’t have a blog of their own religiously read someone else’s blog.

When there are blogs about every category and subcategory and microcategory it is becoming harder to stand out. This is where a little creativity can help win an audience.

When searching for a blog about new media and public relations I came across Media By Sistrunk. The author of this blog has 20 years of experience in the communication world and with that comes a lot of wisdom. However, in order to share her wisdom she has to find ways of being creative and keeping her audience’s attention.

One of her recent posts was specifically about blogging. The fact that I am hearing from several sources that blogging can be a positive influence on my career, it is really starting to sink in. I am a firm believer that blogging can work wonders for creative writers who want to make their mark on the world wide web.

So whether you want to make a blog about your travels abroad or your new move to big city, if you have to start a blog for a class assignment or just want to make a public record of all of your inspirational thoughts, I say do it. Start a blog and use it to your advantage. Because having your say out there for anyone to read is the best way to get noticed and maybe even stand out enough to be a prized possession in the blogosphere.


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