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“Having two older brothers is a healthy reminder that you’re always closer to the bottom than you are to the top.” — Andy Roddick

Being at the lower end of the totem pole is usually not a good feeling. Whether you are last on the food chain or at the bottom of the corporate ladder, the feeling of being smothered by everyone and everything above you can be overwhelming.

I am finding myself at the very bottom of Google’s list of importance. There is not a whole lot of information about me out there on the internet, so I never expected to be on the first page of results when I searched for my name, but one would guess that paying for a little face time would make it slightly easier to be found. Apparently not.

This week I made a Google AdWords campaign for this blog. AdWords is yet another wonderful Google application that offers fairly inexpensive and easily manageable advertising to anyone with a Google account and a Web site.

Setting up an account is a standard step by step process that Google walks each user through. I chose to use the Starter Edition package since it was my first time doing any kind of online advertising. After writing my ad, choosing come keywords, and activating my account by picking my monthly budget the campaign was up and running.

My ad read: “Kristina Hall’s Blog — A fresh perspective on the widening use of social media”. I am not an advertising major, so coming up with an accurate and eye-catching description for my blog in only a few words was more difficult than I would have liked.

The keywords I used for my campaign were Kristina Hall, Kristina Hall’s New Media Blog, new media blog, student blog, and blog. According to my monthly budget ($50), my ad could appear on the search results for any of these keywords.

I like the idea behind Pay-Per-Click advertising — I don’t have to pay for my advertisement until someone actually clicks the link to my site. On top of having user-friendly pricing, AdWords itself is fairly easy to navigate around and it is exciting to see the number of times my ad is showing up when someone searches for one of my keywords.

However, right now I don’t really see a need to advertise for my blog. I’m not trying to find customers or provide a service to anyone, I’m just a first-time blogger learning the ropes of all this new media. I enjoyed learning about Google AdWords and think that it is an important tool for small businesses and non-profits to use in order to create awareness about themselves, but it just isn’t in my budget to continue running my campaign.

So until I read more of the information that is out there about being a SEO and Google AdWords expert, I will remain closer to the bottom of Google’s rankings than my older, wiser blogger siblings.


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