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“By the time executives get married, take on a mortgage, raise kids, cope with the crabgrass, climb the corporate ladder, do their best to manage career pressures, build their net worth and get into their 40s, they’ve lost touch with what they believe in and care about most deeply.” –Allan Cox

As a college student, life can get very hectic. Between class, a social life, volunteering, homework, exercise and all other sorts of time commitments, I sometimes feel if eating and sleeping aren’t written into my day planner I would forget to make time for them.

Ok, maybe that is a little extreme, but the more things I get involved in the harder it is to remember all of my priorities. What is even worse is the terrible habit I have formed of double-booking myself, which is a direct result of my inability to memorize my schedule.

Recently, however, I have started organizing my life with the help of Google Calendar. This is just one of the many wonderful and useful applications that Google has to offer.


I started using g-mail (Google’s webmail service) a little more than a year ago and it has revolutionized the way I receive and send e-mails. And even though I am a huge advocate for their e-mail system, I had never before played around with all of the other Google apps.

Google Calendar is exactly what a busy college student with numerous different schedules needs in order to keep his or her life on track. Actually, it is an incredible tool for anyone who is interested in easy, efficient organization.

One of the many helpful features of the calendar is the connection of your g-mail account to the calendar. When you receive an e-mail that is pertaining to an event at a specific date and time, Google Calendar recognizes the event and offers to add it to your calendar. It is as simple as that: checking your e-mail and updating your planner in a matter of minutes. Genius.

Being a visual person, my favorite part of the calendar is marking different obligations in different colors. This way I know what I have going on during my week according to my school work, social life, extracurriculars and miscellaneous categories.

My only complaint, so far, about Google Calendar is that I have to be at my computer to access it (this is because my cell phone doesn’t support a web browser). I think I would find the technology far more useful if I could check my calendar at any time. But I guess that just means I will have to start saving up for a Blackberry or an iPhone…

Now that I have started trying out more of the applications from Google, I think I will soon be standing atop my Google soapbox for everyone I know. I’ve already suggested to both of my roommates that they start using the calendar because then we could share calendars and be able to see what the upcoming week looked like when we are trying to plan each days’ dinner.

Besides the fact that Google has become an overwhelming force on the internet and is constantly coming up with new ways to out-do itself, I really believe that the goal behind all of Google’s features is making people’s every day on-line tasks simpler and easier to use so we don’t have to lose any part of ourselves in all of the media craze. Google is just trying to optimize the on-line experience so everyone can still have time to enjoy life’s pleasures and not lose touch.


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