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“To meet the energy challenge requires the most important energy of all–human creativity. That’s the real prize.” — Daniel Yergin

Blogging is becoming more popular by the day. I feel like almost everyone I know has a blog, whether it is personal or for a class or specifically geared towards a professional interest. And those people who don’t have a blog of their own religiously read someone else’s blog.

When there are blogs about every category and subcategory and microcategory it is becoming harder to stand out. This is where a little creativity can help win an audience.

When searching for a blog about new media and public relations I came across Media By Sistrunk. The author of this blog has 20 years of experience in the communication world and with that comes a lot of wisdom. However, in order to share her wisdom she has to find ways of being creative and keeping her audience’s attention.

One of her recent posts was specifically about blogging. The fact that I am hearing from several sources that blogging can be a positive influence on my career, it is really starting to sink in. I am a firm believer that blogging can work wonders for creative writers who want to make their mark on the world wide web.

So whether you want to make a blog about your travels abroad or your new move to big city, if you have to start a blog for a class assignment or just want to make a public record of all of your inspirational thoughts, I say do it. Start a blog and use it to your advantage. Because having your say out there for anyone to read is the best way to get noticed and maybe even stand out enough to be a prized possession in the blogosphere.


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“Why are we inspired by another person’s courage? Maybe because it gives us the sweet and genuine surprise of discovering some trace, at least, of the same courage in ourselves.” — Laurence Shames

New Media. It is all anyone is talking about these days. From college classrooms to office meetings, everyone is trying to find a new angle on social media to give themselves an edge.

Michigan State University saw the need for a formal education in social media, and created a course titled “New Media Driver’s License.” The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the digital tools available that can help create on-line communities and reach out to customers.


With the growing popularity of social networking sites it makes sense that everyone would want to get a hand in. This course will make it possible for MSU students to have a leading role in the new media frenzy.

Knowing how to use the newest tools to engage with a consumer is just one step on the right path. The real trick comes with getting out your message effectively and not being overlooked. TheĀ  NMDL class is geared toward making sure the later does not happen, and in this new age of an increasingly digital world having an upper hand is the best thing one can hope for.

My step into the digital world has been a very hesitant one. I never joined the MySpace community. When all of my friends started creating their facebook pages, I resisted for at least a few months. This is the first blog I have ever written. I was not holding back because of a lack of understanding the new technology, it was mostly a trust issue. I was afraid to have too much information available on the internet.

That was before. Now I see that it is all a choice. I can choose the content of my profiles and blogs and I can use them to create a positive image for myself.

I knew that signing up for a course in new media was a great idea for learning how to advance a company’s image, but now I see that I can use this new media to make myself shine. As a former reluctant user, however, I know this class is going to push me out of my comfort zones. This is where the influence from the rest of the students and the instructors will help me to find the courage to drive full speed ahead.

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